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A cadastral map is an error map

This plan is initiated from a concept of land division. We can see the land boundaries from the map,as a boundary is created while the land is being redefined.

Space between the boundaries

“Half-Field Plan” is an activity of highlighting the space that between the boundaries. Let’s say, when a land has been divided into land A and land B, the boundaries of these two lands are not intersected but are separated and are part of their own land. Therefore, the space that between land A and land B is not equal to zero, but tend to zero. Thus, every time when we are dividing the land, this kind of space will be appeared at the same time.

“Half-Field Plan” is using these spaces for planning, to implement a plan of giving names. In the plan, participants can name any space that between the boundaries and mark them on the map, which gives an existence to those invisible space.

When applying for an exhibition (an exhibition) space, it is hoped to participate in the form of a conceptual art work, and the cadastral map will be based on the (exhibition) space and extend the surrounding environment to print cadastral maps and sell buildings and buildings. Inter-, or inter-spatial space between buildings and streets.

Application Schematic: Print the cadastral map centering on the specific exhibition area and extending the surrounding environment

The work shows the simulation map 1(the walland floor will be covered with a magnified custom cadastral map)

The work shows a simulation of Figure 2 (the other wall hangs the title of the purchased space for display)

Art is to create a description of differences, and artists cannot give up the power of art in the name of art.

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