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Half-Field Plan:Ownership/Choice
ITPARK, Taipei

Half-Field Plan:Hotels for heros
online forum

Homeland II project
Foundation of Trieste contemporary art, Trieste, Italy


Living in Heaven
Macau Oriental Foundation, Macau, China

La situation des refugie.e.s
Université Paris VIII, Paris, France

The Second Scene
PPPP, Beijing, China

Half-Field Plan
AFA, Macau, China

AMAC Projects, Paris, France

The Length of Berlin
oMo Art Space, Berlin, Germany

The Border Politics
ITPARK, Taipei, Taiwan

Sui Generis: Jing-Pai of Taiwan Parts III
ITPARK, Taipei, Taiwan

Luxury Flats by Mountain Parks
NIDO Asia, Hongkong, China

Half-Field Plan
Art Museum of China Academy of Fine Arts, Hangzhou, China


Half-Field Plan
Tap Seac Gallery, Macau, China

Resident in Post-Ox Warehouse Experimental Site
Post-Ox Warehouse Experimental Site, Macau, China

Half-Field Plan in Florence
May 2018, Le Murate, Florence, Italy


Half-Field Plan
Ox Warehouse, Macau, China


Half-Field Plan
Fuzhou Island, Banqiao, Taiwan


Half-Field Plan
Yongkang Street, Warehouse No. 20, Taipei, Taiwan

Solo Exhibition

Ox Warehouse, Macau
IT PARK, Taipei

The project is still ongoing…

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