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Cai guojie

Cai Guojie is an artist who creates multi-dimensional integration. Born in Hsinchu, Taiwan, he received a master’s degree in installation art from the Taiwan University of the Arts and is currently pursuing a doctorate in crossmedia art at the China Academy of Art.

He believes that art is to create a description of differences, and artists cannot give up the power of art in the name of art. The ” Half-Field Plan ” is a deed to mark the inter-space space and explores the concept of “power field” in art. With the series of contents of the ” Half-Field Plan “, the choice is power-giving; mutual understanding is the game of power. Cai Guojie’s focus is on the transfer of rights from “concepts” to “entities”, and the ownership of the gaps between boundaries. At this point, the “bound power” and “the power of desire” of the artificial boundary, these powers can help to oppose the “infinity” of the opposite – that is, the freedom we desire.

Guojie Cai was Born in Hsinchu, Taiwan, moved to Macau in 2011. He graduated from Taiwan art university with a bachelor’s degree in fine arts (painting) and a master’s degree in installation art. He is now studying for his doctorate in cross-media school in China academy of art. He engaged in painting, installation, concept and other (overall art) creation, as well as art planning and education. he also owns many times of exhibition planning, solo exhibition, joint exhibition experiences.

Present jobs

Doctoral student of Research on intermedia art theory and practice in China Academy of Art

Lecturer from School of Arts of Macau Polytechnic Institute

Lecturer from University of Macau

Art instructor from Institute for Tourism Studies

Part-time Lecturer of Faculty of Humanities and Arts of Macau University of Science and Technology

Visual-Art instructor from Macau Art Museum

Lecturer from Pearl Jubilee College of University of Macau

President of Macau New Genre Public Art Association

Executive director of OX Warehouse

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