Half-Field Plan: Homeland II project

January 2020, Foundation of Trieste contemporary art, Trieste, Italy

Interconnected Signing

In this Trieste “《Homeland》 project,  artist Cai Guojie was invited by the Foundation of Trieste contemporary art, and ICS (Italian Solidarity Consortium) The Office Refugees of Trieste” at the Tomaseo Studio (Studio Tommaseo) connected with 19 refugees, and through a live video on the Internet, buyers and sellers will perform a contract signing ceremony for the transfer of land ownership face to face.

At the beginning of the event, the artist invited refugee friends to paint the “home” they had left, and to mark the nearby streets or landscapes. Then he signed the title deeds and scanned them to the artists on the other side of the earth. After signing, stamping, and date marking, scan and send it back to them to complete the signing. At the end of the scene, they took the land they sold and introduced and shared their home and experience one by one.

Half-Field Plan, Cai Guo Jie and Arslan, Variable Size, Land Rights and Drawing, Trieste, Italy, 2020

Arslan, a Pakistani, spent three years alone traveling to Italy, often without eating or drinking for more than a week. Both parents and friends are in Pakistan, not working now.

Matteo was born and raised in Austria. In the lower left corner of the map is his home. There are railroad tracks above. What he wants to sell is the red line on the railroad. Matteo said that Guo Jie’s project reminded him of playing on the rails when he was a kid, and parents often warned him not to cross that rail, which is dangerous, so he would be careful not to touch the border line every time he played. Now he sells this “boundary” that he thought as a kid to the artist.

Half-Field Plan, Cai Guo Jie and Matteo, Variable Size, Land Rights and Drawing, Trieste, Italy, 2020

Half-Field Plan, Cai Guo Jie and Moussa Sylla, Variable Size, Land Rights and Drawing, Trieste, Italy, 2020

Moussa Sylla has been in Italy for six years. Originally working as a mechanical worker in Senegal, because he didn’t like the working atmosphere there, and made little money, he asked for a five-day vacation and ran to France. Later, because of the tightening of France’s refugee policy, he came to Italy through France. . After studying Italian for four years, I am now working as a worker in an oil company. “I am satisfied with my life and hope to stay here.” The house to be sold is the boundary of the house. The picture shows the mountain village where his parents were born. He was also born in this house.

Naveed, a Pakistani, studied medical specialty there for twelve years, and his development was good, but he wanted to be better, so he went to Italy two years ago. It is very rare now to find a local course in which Italian is taught in English. he hopes that he can study in Italian medical school after passing the exam.

Half-Field Plan, Cai Guo Jie and Naveed, Variable Size, Land Rights and Drawing, Trieste, Italy, 2020
Half-Field Plan, Cai Guo Jie and Shahzaib.M, Variable Size, Land Rights and Drawing, Trieste, Italy, 2020

Shahzaib.M, a Pakistani, is 19 years old. When he first arrived in Italy, he lived by the side of the road, he was very torn, he had no shoes, no job, nothing. His enthusiastic fellow found and helped him on the road. He is now learning Italian and sewing, hoping to acquire a craft for a living. He sold the red dots on the map. Those were the places he “lived” in the city.

Half-Field Plan, Cai Guo Jie and Mohammed Jawad, Variable Size, Land Rights and Drawing, Trieste, Italy, 2020

Mohammed Jawad, who lives in Italy with his wife and three kids, with no job. Because the new Italian policy has tightened the welfare of refugees and immigrants, it is not easy for Mohammed to live in Italy now. He has been unsuccessful in finding a job for a long time. He also has to support his family. When it came to Kazakhstan’s home, he wept. In Mohammed’s country, there were many regime turmoil. Seven relatives in the family died during the war, including his brother and sister. For survival and safety, he fled to Italy with his wife and children. However, other relatives are still in Kazakhstan. The political turmoil continues, Mohammed’s ethnic minorities have been excluded in the country, and the government is secretly trying to kill them. Life still has to continue, he said that at least the family can be safe now, but every day he thinks that his relatives are not doing well there, and he feels very sad.

Half-Field Plan: Living in Heaven

December 2019, Macau Oriental Foundation, Macau, China

Half-Field Plan-Living in Heaven, General Agreement

This exhibition is a new attempt by Cai Guojie with crossover between the art and real estate fair. The exhibition is divided into four sections. The first exhibition hall, Beautiful Scenery, displays maps of Macao’s New Eight Scenic Spots. It is also the function venue for property sales seminar and academic seminar, featuring suggestion boxes to collect opinions on the urban planning of different districts. The second hall, Land Inventory, explores future land developments, presents developers’ ideas on land development and future planning models, as well as development proposals for a “new island” in Macao. The third hall, Transaction Done, is where the actual real estate expo takes place, inviting property developers for on-site promotions and the media for coverage, to create a bustling scene of property dealings. The fourth exhibition hall, Extracts, situates the Ban-tian Project Office, presenting extracted documents from the artist’s previous art projects and it’s where the Ban-tian Project briefing is held.

Text: Lu Zhengyuan artist, curator

The First Exhibition Hall:
Beautiful Scenery

Exhibition View, Macau, China, 2019

Cadastral Drawing

For artists, cadastral maps are error maps! The artist refills the boundaries on the cadastral map by “coloring the water”. The surface tension of the water is drying, pushing the color powder back to the border, forming a darker border. Between the boundaries, It shows the error caused by the ground line. New eight spots in Macau, but nine works were published, secretly marking the site of the Oriental Foundation as the ninth spot.

“New Town Planning Attempt” ABCDE

The artist shaped the shape of five new reclamation areas in Macao into the same type of wooden table, placed on the smooth black floor that can reflect reflections, visually analogous to floating islands on the sea. Each island has a questionnaire for planning suggestions for new urban areas. The audience puts their own blueprints into the comments box.

The Second Exhibition Hall:
Land Inventory

Exhibition View, Macau, China, 2019

“ Macau New Urban Zone F ”

Macau New Urban Zone F

Artist fictionalizes a new reclamation project, planning it into an art island

1. Material R & D Base
2. Material Division Practice (Inheritance and Integration Training)
3. Technology docking platform and technology department store
4. Art Association Society Administration Building
5. Art Performance Hybrid Ecology (Studio)
6. World Thought Genealogy Integration Service
7. Local Art Constitution Forge field
8. New Type Art Experiment Center
9. Threshold of cross-border
10. communication in art (with professional presentation system)
11. Performance preparation hub
12. Children’s Art Awareness Incubation Area
13. Elegant art forging institution
14. Total Art Observation Findings Record Arrangement Academy

*People with ability adopt the right of residency
*Underground island is home to studios and ecological communities where many artists reside
*Large expo space under the island

We All Want Our Territory (Flagged area)

Chen Changchi: Cadastre-like painting

Pre-sale House of Cadastral Model House

Pre-sale House of Cadastral Model House, Cai Guo Jie, Variable Size, Sofa, Carpet, Lamp, Table, Wallpaper, Frame, Jewelry Box, Ledge, Plant, 2019

Sample indicates a kind of virtual future that developer construct, which makes you seem to be at home and keep telling you to buy this house back..

VR Experience of Developing Projects

新樂都 信譽名門合作項目

Virtual reality scene of the sale of commercial houses

“President of Macao Real Estate Chamber of Commerce discusses the contribution of real estate industry to Macao’s social development.”

“President of Macao Real Estate Chamber of Commerce discusses the contribution of real estate industry to Macao’s social development.”

The Third Exhibition Hall:
Transaction Done

Exhibition View, Macau, China, 2019

Real Estate Companies Settling in

Replanning the booth in exhibition which is rented by real estate companies for project selling in space during exhibition period.

China Communications Construction Corporation、Aoyuanzhuzhong Company Tianyue Plaza、Chenhong Real Estate、Xinledu Investment Co., Ltd. Trust Legend、 Song Jichuan Real Estate、Pearl River International Finance Center、 Jiulong road.Hucheng dajing、Tianqing · Jin Coast.

The fourth exhibition hall:

Half-Field Seminar

Half-Field Plan, Cai Guo Jie, Variable Size, Land Rights, Tak Chun Art Garden, Macao, 2019

In the form of lectures, the audience will be introduced to the concept of the “HalfField”Project, as well as every project that has been implemented so far.

Error Monument

Error Monument, Cai Guo Jie, 104 x 156 x 54 cm, 82 x 141 x 30 cm, 3D Cut Wxpanded Polystyrene, 2019

Stack the filled error entities into error monuments

Error Signature Sale – Macau Oriental Foundation


“Land Planning Introduction Lecture by City Planning Commissioner”

“The Cadastral Bureau talks about measurement methods and method history “

“MPs talk about how artists get involved in land and urban planning”

“Organize citizens to participate in urban development field surveys initiated by artists ”

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Half-Field Plan: Homeland

September 2019, AMAC Projects, Paris, France

Buy the Boundary of Land from the Refugees.

Half-Field Plan, Cai Guo Jie, Variable Size, Work Progress, Paris, France, 2019

Julie Lam, a Phnom Penh woman who fled to Paris under Khmer Rouge persecution, arrived in Paris at the age of 12. She thought she would forget a lot of details, but in the process of painting, many memories came back. She expressed her gratitude.

Half-Field Plan, Cai Guo Jie, Variable Size, Work Progress, Paris, France, 2019

Cirdaci Mihaela is a Romanian, we met at the supermarket, he wants me to help him settle the bill, we talked my works and thoughts, we finally finished the trading and signed the contract.

Please refugees to draw their original homes, and nearby streets.

The artist will pay (10 euros) to buy this red line (the error of the ownership of the land) from refugee friends.And have a signed “ceremony”. (in duplicate, artist and refugee friends, one person after signing)

Half-Field Plan, Cai Guo Jie, Variable Size, Work Progress, Paris, France, 2019
Exhibition View, Paris, France, 2019

An Iraq refugee found me on the night before the exhibition. He hoped that I would return the documents to him. (He said that after he signed the contract with me, he learned that after the understanding, in the war country, as long as the land contract, there are original landlords: full name spelling, complete address information, and most importantly, in the map and In the contract, there is also his autograph. As long as these three necessary conditions are met, I can go to the local government and I have obtained the authorization of the original landlord and can actually obtain the land and house and become the legal owner.) In the photo taken in the picture below (he just arrived at the scene, but did not say the reason, I thought he wanted to see the exhibition in advance, he took a photo to record it, but accidentally left the contract information before the modification), the man on the left is his own.

Exhibition View, Paris, France, 2019

Finally, I returned the right contract and told him that I was not malicious. He said that he understood that we had to re-sign a contract with incomplete information and to change the signature at the bottom left of the color map

We compare the two photos together. In the photo on the left, the top left of the color hand drawing and the bottom left of the contract have his autograph, and his full name and name are the full address of the original text. (It is the contract he took away).so He just left with confidence. The photo on the right is the changed status. (The color map signature was changed to a colored floor; the contract for re-signing, the name and address are incomplete, and there is no signature)

《家園與歸屬》 文/李靈枝

Half-Field Plan

September 2019, AFA, Macau, China

Half-Field Plan, AFA General Agreement

《德晉藝術花園》 策展人 石玩玩 文

Conceiving philosophy as a conceptual generation, and art as an emotional generation is to be in the field of mobility, placement, and distribution.” – Gilles Deleuze

Half-Field Plan, Cai Guo Jie, Variable Size, Cadastral Map, Macau, China, 2019

A Contract with Multiple Transfers

Exhibition View, Macau, China, 2019

The property is continuously transferred, At the opening of the exhibition, the owner was replaced for 39 times. Between and after the exhibition, you will continue to transfer.

Suzhou Numbers are Locally Used in the Contracts

Suzhou Numbers is from Suzhou. It is now used in Hong Kong and Macao markets, hawkers, tea restaurants and medicinal materials shops. Hong Kong’s primary school mathematics curriculum still has teaching Suzhou Numbers , and in the textbook is called Chinese Numbers.

Released Collections

ISBN 978-99981-919-1-4

Half-Field Plan: The Length of Berlin

August 2019, oMo Art Space, Berlin, Germany

Half-Field Plan-The Length of Berlin, General Agreement

Wall Online

The artist will carry a cadastral number for each kilometer of the Berlin Wall with a total length of 167.8 kilometers. It is also sold on the exhibition site and online. In this exhibition project, the artist also applied for the registration of a bank account to complete the collection at the address of one of the Berlin walls.When each specific unit completes the sale, the payment receipt, schematic and Property statement will be announced on the global online social media platforms.

Selling the boundary of Berlin Wall through fan page in Facebook

Online Sale Samples




Half-Field Plan, Cai Guo Jie, Variable Size, Cadastral map, Online Transaction Receipt, Berlin, Germany, 2019

Half-Field Plan: The Border Politics

May 2019, ITPARK, Taipei, Taiwan

Half-Field Plan-The Border Politics, General Agreement
Half-Field Plan, Cai Guo Jie, Variable Size, Land Rights, Taipei, Taiwan, 2019

The Work Opens the Content of “Decentralization”

Appointment of “Authorization Letter”: Acting for Land Administration.

Taiwanese Administration

Take the financial visa as an example: set up an “accountant” for external (international) and “recorder” for internal (internal)

And land affairs: not external, so there is no corresponding position (no certified public accountant ,only treasurer).

On the basis of this concept, the title of this work is “Boundary Manager” (International)And “Boundary politics Manager” (internal affairs)

Boundary Manager & Boundary Politics Manager

“Government Documents” Boundary Authority & Taipei City Lands Office

General Agreement

Every time a project has a “total contract”, you can see the total number of signed contracts on both sides of the contract.

Differential Price: High Price of “IT Park Park (Yitong Park)”

One section in IT Park ( land number 89: front, back, left, right, four sections in total ) ,A4 cadastre map, authority, authorization, paper, 2019

Price: (New Taiwan Dollar) NT $88,888
Sale out

Boundary near IT Park ,A4 cadastre map, authority, authorization, paper, 2019

Price: (New Taiwan Dollar) NT $8,888
Sold 7 sections

Error Filling: the Quantization of Errors.

Constructing the “error” model in the land mechanism

In the residential house somewhere in Macau, when the old wall was demolished, the old wall was covered with an old 16th century wall.
After the leaking, the owner left the ancient wall as the wall of his
home. The home of this homeowner has grown bigger.

We can further think that the ancient wall wider than the open hands,
and the wall with the palm of the hand now, on the cadastral map, are
just a thick line, and there is obviously an error.

This work is to re-print the removed part through 3D scanning. We
understand the work as the part that has been excavated, and after it is
filled, it appears in front of us. This error is filled and the actual quantity
of the error is obtained.

Error filling, Cai Guo Jie, 104 x 156 x 54 cm, 3D cut expanded polystyrene, IT PARK
(Art House), Taiwan, 2019

Half-Field Plan: “Luxury Flats by Mountain Parks “

February 2019, NIDO Asia, Hongkong, China

Half-Field Plan-NIDO Asia, General Agreement

Luxury Flats by Mountain Parks – Cai Guo-jie Solo Exhibition Text by Chen Kuang-yi

In 2019, my solo exhibition in Hong Kong was “Luxury Flats by Mountain Parks ” is a partnership with Zhuhai’s Nanfu Real Estate Co., Ltd. to bring Zhuhai’s real estate project to the back. “Luxury Flats by Mountain Parks ” moved to Hong Kong to sell, and get a valid employee certificate, selling floor “level”. (Chinese land is all state-owned, people can rent 70 years of use to the country, so this plan does not sell land, reselling the gap between floors)

The introduction of real estate developers and real estate projects into the art space, touch on the content of decentralization, the real estate project (the model of the target) and the entire sales system are also the content of the work.

Half-Field Plan in Florence

May 2018, Le Murate, Florence, Italy

Curatorial Text of the ” Half-Field Plan ” in Florence by Livia Dubon

In 2018, I once again participated in the exhibition of Le Murate in Florence, Italy, with the” Half-Field Plan “. This time, the scale of the work was expanded to simulate the real estate office in Florence to sell the linear space around Le Murate. In terms of site layout, I used the exhibition room as the “Half-Field Land Project Office in Florence” to sign a land sale and purchase contract with the buyer; the corridor outside the room was equipped with cadastral maps near the exhibition hall and the entire Florence city on the outer wall and the floor. For the buyer to choose the location; the side of the corridor is prepared for land sale announcements to show the purchased lots, the entire concept art of the ” Half- Field Plan ” is more fully presented.

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