Half-Field Plan: Living in Heaven

December 2019, Macau Oriental Foundation, Macau, China

Half-Field Plan-Living in Heaven, General Agreement

This exhibition is a new attempt by Cai Guojie with crossover between the art and real estate fair. The exhibition is divided into four sections. The first exhibition hall, Beautiful Scenery, displays maps of Macao’s New Eight Scenic Spots. It is also the function venue for property sales seminar and academic seminar, featuring suggestion boxes to collect opinions on the urban planning of different districts. The second hall, Land Inventory, explores future land developments, presents developers’ ideas on land development and future planning models, as well as development proposals for a “new island” in Macao. The third hall, Transaction Done, is where the actual real estate expo takes place, inviting property developers for on-site promotions and the media for coverage, to create a bustling scene of property dealings. The fourth exhibition hall, Extracts, situates the Ban-tian Project Office, presenting extracted documents from the artist’s previous art projects and it’s where the Ban-tian Project briefing is held.

Text: Lu Zhengyuan artist, curator

The First Exhibition Hall:
Beautiful Scenery

Exhibition View, Macau, China, 2019

Cadastral Drawing

For artists, cadastral maps are error maps! The artist refills the boundaries on the cadastral map by “coloring the water”. The surface tension of the water is drying, pushing the color powder back to the border, forming a darker border. Between the boundaries, It shows the error caused by the ground line. New eight spots in Macau, but nine works were published, secretly marking the site of the Oriental Foundation as the ninth spot.

“New Town Planning Attempt” ABCDE

The artist shaped the shape of five new reclamation areas in Macao into the same type of wooden table, placed on the smooth black floor that can reflect reflections, visually analogous to floating islands on the sea. Each island has a questionnaire for planning suggestions for new urban areas. The audience puts their own blueprints into the comments box.

The Second Exhibition Hall:
Land Inventory

Exhibition View, Macau, China, 2019

“ Macau New Urban Zone F ”

Macau New Urban Zone F

Artist fictionalizes a new reclamation project, planning it into an art island

1. Material R & D Base
2. Material Division Practice (Inheritance and Integration Training)
3. Technology docking platform and technology department store
4. Art Association Society Administration Building
5. Art Performance Hybrid Ecology (Studio)
6. World Thought Genealogy Integration Service
7. Local Art Constitution Forge field
8. New Type Art Experiment Center
9. Threshold of cross-border
10. communication in art (with professional presentation system)
11. Performance preparation hub
12. Children’s Art Awareness Incubation Area
13. Elegant art forging institution
14. Total Art Observation Findings Record Arrangement Academy

*People with ability adopt the right of residency
*Underground island is home to studios and ecological communities where many artists reside
*Large expo space under the island

We All Want Our Territory (Flagged area)

Chen Changchi: Cadastre-like painting

Pre-sale House of Cadastral Model House

Pre-sale House of Cadastral Model House, Cai Guo Jie, Variable Size, Sofa, Carpet, Lamp, Table, Wallpaper, Frame, Jewelry Box, Ledge, Plant, 2019

Sample indicates a kind of virtual future that developer construct, which makes you seem to be at home and keep telling you to buy this house back..

VR Experience of Developing Projects

新樂都 信譽名門合作項目

Virtual reality scene of the sale of commercial houses

“President of Macao Real Estate Chamber of Commerce discusses the contribution of real estate industry to Macao’s social development.”

“President of Macao Real Estate Chamber of Commerce discusses the contribution of real estate industry to Macao’s social development.”

The Third Exhibition Hall:
Transaction Done

Exhibition View, Macau, China, 2019

Real Estate Companies Settling in

Replanning the booth in exhibition which is rented by real estate companies for project selling in space during exhibition period.

China Communications Construction Corporation、Aoyuanzhuzhong Company Tianyue Plaza、Chenhong Real Estate、Xinledu Investment Co., Ltd. Trust Legend、 Song Jichuan Real Estate、Pearl River International Finance Center、 Jiulong road.Hucheng dajing、Tianqing · Jin Coast.

The fourth exhibition hall:

Half-Field Seminar

Half-Field Plan, Cai Guo Jie, Variable Size, Land Rights, Tak Chun Art Garden, Macao, 2019

In the form of lectures, the audience will be introduced to the concept of the “HalfField”Project, as well as every project that has been implemented so far.

Error Monument

Error Monument, Cai Guo Jie, 104 x 156 x 54 cm, 82 x 141 x 30 cm, 3D Cut Wxpanded Polystyrene, 2019

Stack the filled error entities into error monuments

Error Signature Sale – Macau Oriental Foundation


“Land Planning Introduction Lecture by City Planning Commissioner”

“The Cadastral Bureau talks about measurement methods and method history “

“MPs talk about how artists get involved in land and urban planning”

“Organize citizens to participate in urban development field surveys initiated by artists ”

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