Half-Field Plan: Homeland

September 2019, AMAC Projects, Paris, France

Buy the Boundary of Land from the Refugees.

Half-Field Plan, Cai Guo Jie, Variable Size, Work Progress, Paris, France, 2019

Julie Lam, a Phnom Penh woman who fled to Paris under Khmer Rouge persecution, arrived in Paris at the age of 12. She thought she would forget a lot of details, but in the process of painting, many memories came back. She expressed her gratitude.

Half-Field Plan, Cai Guo Jie, Variable Size, Work Progress, Paris, France, 2019

Cirdaci Mihaela is a Romanian, we met at the supermarket, he wants me to help him settle the bill, we talked my works and thoughts, we finally finished the trading and signed the contract.

Please refugees to draw their original homes, and nearby streets.

The artist will pay (10 euros) to buy this red line (the error of the ownership of the land) from refugee friends.And have a signed “ceremony”. (in duplicate, artist and refugee friends, one person after signing)

Half-Field Plan, Cai Guo Jie, Variable Size, Work Progress, Paris, France, 2019
Exhibition View, Paris, France, 2019

An Iraq refugee found me on the night before the exhibition. He hoped that I would return the documents to him. (He said that after he signed the contract with me, he learned that after the understanding, in the war country, as long as the land contract, there are original landlords: full name spelling, complete address information, and most importantly, in the map and In the contract, there is also his autograph. As long as these three necessary conditions are met, I can go to the local government and I have obtained the authorization of the original landlord and can actually obtain the land and house and become the legal owner.) In the photo taken in the picture below (he just arrived at the scene, but did not say the reason, I thought he wanted to see the exhibition in advance, he took a photo to record it, but accidentally left the contract information before the modification), the man on the left is his own.

Exhibition View, Paris, France, 2019

Finally, I returned the right contract and told him that I was not malicious. He said that he understood that we had to re-sign a contract with incomplete information and to change the signature at the bottom left of the color map

We compare the two photos together. In the photo on the left, the top left of the color hand drawing and the bottom left of the contract have his autograph, and his full name and name are the full address of the original text. (It is the contract he took away).so He just left with confidence. The photo on the right is the changed status. (The color map signature was changed to a colored floor; the contract for re-signing, the name and address are incomplete, and there is no signature)

《家園與歸屬》 文/李靈枝

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