Half-Field Plan: The Border Politics

May 2019, ITPARK, Taipei, Taiwan

Half-Field Plan-The Border Politics, General Agreement
Half-Field Plan, Cai Guo Jie, Variable Size, Land Rights, Taipei, Taiwan, 2019

The Work Opens the Content of “Decentralization”

Appointment of “Authorization Letter”: Acting for Land Administration.

Taiwanese Administration

Take the financial visa as an example: set up an “accountant” for external (international) and “recorder” for internal (internal)

And land affairs: not external, so there is no corresponding position (no certified public accountant ,only treasurer).

On the basis of this concept, the title of this work is “Boundary Manager” (International)And “Boundary politics Manager” (internal affairs)

Boundary Manager & Boundary Politics Manager

“Government Documents” Boundary Authority & Taipei City Lands Office

General Agreement

Every time a project has a “total contract”, you can see the total number of signed contracts on both sides of the contract.

Differential Price: High Price of “IT Park Park (Yitong Park)”

One section in IT Park ( land number 89: front, back, left, right, four sections in total ) ,A4 cadastre map, authority, authorization, paper, 2019

Price: (New Taiwan Dollar) NT $88,888
Sale out

Boundary near IT Park ,A4 cadastre map, authority, authorization, paper, 2019

Price: (New Taiwan Dollar) NT $8,888
Sold 7 sections

Error Filling: the Quantization of Errors.

Constructing the “error” model in the land mechanism

In the residential house somewhere in Macau, when the old wall was demolished, the old wall was covered with an old 16th century wall.
After the leaking, the owner left the ancient wall as the wall of his
home. The home of this homeowner has grown bigger.

We can further think that the ancient wall wider than the open hands,
and the wall with the palm of the hand now, on the cadastral map, are
just a thick line, and there is obviously an error.

This work is to re-print the removed part through 3D scanning. We
understand the work as the part that has been excavated, and after it is
filled, it appears in front of us. This error is filled and the actual quantity
of the error is obtained.

Error filling, Cai Guo Jie, 104 x 156 x 54 cm, 3D cut expanded polystyrene, IT PARK
(Art House), Taiwan, 2019

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