Half-Field Plan: “Luxury Flats by Mountain Parks “

February 2019, NIDO Asia, Hongkong, China

Half-Field Plan-NIDO Asia, General Agreement

Luxury Flats by Mountain Parks – Cai Guo-jie Solo Exhibition Text by Chen Kuang-yi

In 2019, my solo exhibition in Hong Kong was “Luxury Flats by Mountain Parks ” is a partnership with Zhuhai’s Nanfu Real Estate Co., Ltd. to bring Zhuhai’s real estate project to the back. “Luxury Flats by Mountain Parks ” moved to Hong Kong to sell, and get a valid employee certificate, selling floor “level”. (Chinese land is all state-owned, people can rent 70 years of use to the country, so this plan does not sell land, reselling the gap between floors)

The introduction of real estate developers and real estate projects into the art space, touch on the content of decentralization, the real estate project (the model of the target) and the entire sales system are also the content of the work.

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