Half-Field Plan in Florence

May 2018, Le Murate, Florence, Italy

Curatorial Text of the ” Half-Field Plan ” in Florence by Livia Dubon

In 2018, I once again participated in the exhibition of Le Murate in Florence, Italy, with the” Half-Field Plan “. This time, the scale of the work was expanded to simulate the real estate office in Florence to sell the linear space around Le Murate. In terms of site layout, I used the exhibition room as the “Half-Field Land Project Office in Florence” to sign a land sale and purchase contract with the buyer; the corridor outside the room was equipped with cadastral maps near the exhibition hall and the entire Florence city on the outer wall and the floor. For the buyer to choose the location; the side of the corridor is prepared for land sale announcements to show the purchased lots, the entire concept art of the ” Half- Field Plan ” is more fully presented.

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